Compiling from source

Download the source code from the files area on Sourceforge.

Ensure that you have the necessary packages to compile programs that use libusb (on Debian or Ubuntu systems, you might need to do apt-get install libusb-dev). After that, unpack and compile the source code with:

tar xvfz mspdebug-version.tar.gz
cd mspdebug-version

If you don't want GNU readline support, you can invoke make with:


After compiling, install the binary and manual page by running (as root):

make install

Type mspdebug --help for usage instructions.

RPM packages

RPMs for MSPDebug are available for Fedora (since FC12).

Gentoo ebuilds

Ebuilds for Gentoo have been provided by Sören Höckner at

Also, Tim Harder has added MSPDebug to the main Gentoo tree, and produced a Gentoo overlay for creating cross-compiling MSP430 toolchains. The overlay is available from

OpenBSD ports

MSPDebug is available via the OpenBSD ports system. Details can be found at

Git repository

A public git repository is available. You can browse it online here or clone it with:

git clone git://

Debian/Ubuntu packages

Luca Bruno is the maintainer of the Debian MSPDebug package. These packages are now available in both Debian and Ubuntu.